The Fashion Trends of Summer 2017

The Fashion Trends of Summer 2017

It is finally summer again and you could enjoy the bright sunbeams, the hot days and the chilly evenings. You could relish the tranquillity of this season and the joy it brings to your heart. And there is something more that makes us super excited about the season of freedom coming over again and these are the latest trends. And as the summer is the time of frequent travels, seaside adventures, touristic trips, festivals and endless walks in the city parks, there are a few things that are total must-haves, because of their ability to be perfect for more than one of those many occasions you will have to dress up for.

The off-shoulder dress

You have been hiding your shoulders under the maxi sweaters and the many scarves for so long that you need to show them on now. They are sexy and they no doubt attract the attention on the instant. So you need an off-shoulder dress you will impress all summer with. It is a little bit boho anda little bit hippy, but it’s all DO in our list. So no matter if you need a short dress for the walks on the endless beach somewhere or for that festival everybody is talking about, it suits.

The rucksack

It is chic and it is useful. It is one of the latest trends and we fell in love with it at first sight. It’s old school, but practical, as well.
So when you are travelling or going for a brunch downtown, you can take everything you want in it.

The eternal Converse

The new season means that you need to buy another new pair of these essentials. They are the perfect shoes for any occasion this summer, so do not forget to put them in your must-have list.


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