Clean the microwave oven naturally

Clean the microwave oven naturally

Lemon has thousands of applications in the household

Image of lemonsIf you are looking for an alternative way to clean your microwave oven, which inevitably sticks to any dirt and fat, we say: you only need 1 lemon. Why Lemon? Citric acid directly dissolves grease and stains, leaving a fresh and pleasant smell in the stove. Just place a few lemon slices in a microwave oven (also with lemon juice if you do not have fresh, 2-3 tablespoons are enough) and put them in the oven in the strongest mode for about 3-5 minutes or until the water does not boil. Leave the microwave door closed for 10-15 minutes so that all this lemon steam will “eat” dirt and grease. Then remove the bowl and wipe the inside of the stove with a clean cotton cloth.

How to clean the grease from the stove in 2 minutes

If you feel tired of constantly cleaning the cooker with different and increasingly powerful preparations, and you want it to always look new, see this advice.

We’ll show you how to clean the oven buttons from fat for 2 minutes in a safe way and without buying expensive chemicals.

Necessary products:

cotton swab (or ear stick)

a few drops of anise solution (you can use mastic)

an old toothbrush

Application method:

Soak the cotton swab in the alcohol and wipe the contaminated areas of the stove with it. Wait a few minutes and see how fat and dirt disappear before your eyes. However, if the overlays are too stubborn, rub the problematic areas with the toothbrush slightly by dipping it into an anise.

Then wipe with a clean, damp cloth and dry. The result is stunning.

Soda and vinegar for safe and ecological cleaning

Bread soda and vinegar are affordable and safe substances that are widely used in the home. Their cleansing properties have been known since antiquity. Vinegar removes grease from glass, cleans mold, dissolves resin, kills food bacteria, and is an ecologically clean tool to fight insects in the garden. Soda is a soft abrasive, removes deposits, cleans greasy stains, removes unpleasant odors, and added to laundry can replace tissue fabric softener.

Oven cleaning with soap and water

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One of the easiest ways to clean the oven is with water and soap. To do this, dilute some soap orImage of soap and water detergent in a little warm water. Pour it into a bowl and place it in the oven, pre-soaked and the walls and with it. Run the oven 120 degrees in 30 minutes. During this time do not open it. Then open and wait a little to cool. Fats are removed with a damp cloth without any difficulty.

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