How to Properly Store Bath Towels

How to Properly Store Bath Towels

Image of towelsThe best way to make towels soft and pleasant to the touch is by letting them dry out of the air. However, if you do not have this option and you use a quality dryer for this purpose, experienced housewives advice for optimal results never to overfill it, as well as dry clothes and towels individually. From a storage standpoint, here too are some useful rules that we too often are tempted to break.

  • The first is never to put our towels on top of each other. In case you do not have enough hangers in the bathroom, you can simply use an old ladder to fit in a practical towel rack.
  • Another clever advice is if you are not pressed from space, to arrange the folded towels side by side, like books instead of one over the other. This will prevent the bottom wipes from crushing, which is often the reason why they do not look soft and fluffy enough.

Seek help from the kitchen and make the towels softer than ever

One of the easiest and proven methods to soften kitchen towels is to add a white vinegar cap during the rinse. After just a few sprays, you’ll find yourself feeling the towels are more pleasant at times.

Another cool idea is the use of baking soda, but experts recommend choosing just one of these Image of tennis ballmethods because they will not achieve any results in combination. And here is a further solution for those who use towels – put in it a clear tennis ball that will prevent crowding and flattening of the threads making the towels amazingly soft.

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