Do not spend anything for 1 month – is it possible?

Do not spend anything for 1 month – is it possible?

Image of cash boxTen years ago, American blogger Peter Macedo decided to make an interesting experiment. Do not spend anything for 1 month except household bills and credit contributions. Is it impossible for you? It turns out very difficult, but not impossible. Macedo has been doing such a month of “fasting” for several years, and each time he gets better. He only feeds on his supplies, moves himself mainly by foot, and fails to be tempted to buy something with great pain. However, it accepts gifts, that is, if anyone wants to draw it.

What we keep

Have you thought about how much food we keep on cabinets, closets and freezers? In most people, probably enough for at least a month. And how much redundant money we give to the unnecessary things. The loud effort of not spending another leu unnecessarily is an extremely difficult task for some people. And how is it determined what is unnecessary and what is not? We have selected a few examples of spheres that are not worth saving, and people often do not give money to them. And a few that always tempt and untie the wallet, and in fact rarely really necessary.


It’s not about buying drugs when we’re sick, but about prevention. Everything that helps us become stronger and stronger is worth the money. Better more expensive but quality food than cheap but harmful. If you have dropped out and with low immunity, nutritional supplements and vitamins are important. Dear ones, but getting sick is going to get us a little more salty. Sport and movement are not necessarily money, but better if we can invest in them instead of stale life to turn us into potential victims of chronic diseases. Often, people “save” exactly from their health, which is a huge mistake. Did you happen to have a toothache and urgently look for a dentist? And do you know why it happened? Because you have not been on a regular check-up so your caries can be caught on time. Or you knew about it and ignored it. And what, did you save that?

If you took loans for bad credit history you can try this method and see how much money you can save.

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